Office Allies

Office Allies is a Virtual Administration / Online Business Management company, which provides administrative support for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The owner, Lisa Bowers, has a background in IT and business/finance, and has successfully run her own business for over 30 years.  This gives her a unique opportunity to help entrepreneurs see patterns and areas within their business where they are struggling or just not loving the work.  By identifying and then assisting with invoicing, bookkeeping, customer inquiries, follow up, scheduling, email marketing plus much more, Office Allies can help you grow your business. We allow you to focus on what you do best, and where you’re passionate!  We don’t stop there; we also keep a look out for other areas where we can help and improve your business flow.  Our goal is to help each of our Partners to grow their business so that they do need that full-time employee to support just them!

Office Allies partners with overwhelmed entrepreneurs to strengths them in their weaknesses, so that they can spend their time on growing business. Office Allies is the ally that allows you to avoid the interruptions.

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Lisa Bowers
Office Allies Virtual Admistration
Phone: (317) 606-9030

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